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How much product information do they have for wholesale used mobile phones? The wholesale partner you choose should have a good knowledge of the phone  accessories they sell.

Not only can you share this information with your customers, but it also ensures that you have a partner who guarantees the quality and performance of what they sell.

Phone  accessories wholesalers who can’t answer your questions about their phone shells may be aware that their phone shells are not the best, or the lack of knowledge may mean that they simply don’t care.

Either way, a good business partner will be able to answer your questions properly.

Can they help you with drop shipments ?

If you are doing wholesale phone  accessories online, it may be worth asking if your phone  accessories wholesalers can help you with drop shipping. Drop shipping is a method of fulfillment where the phone  accessories wholesaler stores your inventory and handles the shipping.

When a customer places an order on your online store, you send their order information to your phone  accessories wholesaler, who ships it directly to your customer. Drop shipping is a great option if you want to save on storage and shipping costs, but it’s a much more direct way to do business. If you decide to use drop shipping, ask your phone shell wholesaler to send you samples of all the products you sell to ensure the quality is up to your standards.

Determine your replenishment points

In addition to determining which items to purchase, you will need to calculate how much you need. To avoid underestimating or overestimating quantities, use this free calculator to determine your reorder point for each item.

Now that you have your order points, there are several software programs you can use to help you keep track of which items are at or below your desired inventory level. Once you have placed your reorder points in your inventory lists, running the Reorder List report will let you know which items are out of stock and how much you need to reorder.

Negotiating is good

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price of phone accessories when you need them.

Let the mobile accessories supplier know how well your sales are doing and how much business they can expect from you so you can get a better deal.

Be honest and fair in your negotiations to build a lasting relationship with your phone accessories wholesalers.

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