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Because smartphones have also become a fashion accessory in addition to their functionality, manufacturers have adapted the designs accordingly. That has led to phones becoming slimmer, smoother and bigger. One of the most fragile parts of a smartphone is the display, which consists mainly of glass. For that reason, a fall from a great height often means the end of a properly functioning phone screen. That is precisely why we, as a mobile accessories supplier, have a website on wholesale phone accessories on which you can find several accessories to protect a smartphone.

Screen protectors come in different variants, which mobile phone accessories wholesale suppliers generally have in stock. These products are produced from plastic or glass. The latter is probably the most popular one. Since it is easy to apply and adheres well to the smartphone screen, it appears as if the original screen is being used. Also, this version responds well to touch and is quite robust. We have different dimensions available for wholesale phone accessories. With the help of a screenprotector, the tempered glass protects against breakage of the original screen. As a mobile accessories supplier, we also have plastic screen protectors in stock. This version is also highly resistant to cracks and scratches due to heavy-handed use. However, it is not as sensitive as the glass version. The plastic touchscreen conducts a touch less well than glass, so that the phone may respond a little later. However, this type is cheaper than screen protectors made of tempered glass at a mobile accessories wholesaler.

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Another important accessory are phone cases. Since we are a mobile accessories wholesaler we have a wide array of colors and brands available. Mobile phone accessories wholesale suppliers usually provide the option to deliver a mix of colors when you buy in bulk.